Collection of Icebreaking Games for Students


Judul Buku : Collection of Icebreaking Games for Students
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Icebreaker games has several methods such as the lecture method, case study method, and game method in its implementation. With the lecture method, lecturers can conduct lecture activities before doing ice breaking. Unlike the previous method, in the case study method, participants can solve problems given by the instructor. When using the icebreaker games method, the teacher will provide various types of games to “break the ice” between students. The icebreaker game method is a favorite ice-breaking method because this method allows all ages to join. Also, this icebreaker method is fun!

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Table of Content

Action Mimes
Sentence Stringing
My Ambition
Joining Proverb
Pronunciation Quiz
Misfit Words
Paper Gamer
Classmate Who
Vowel A,I,U,E,O
Alphabet Game
Who Am I
Guess Who
No Smiling
Word Association
Hometown Map
Common Ground
Phycology Map
Finger Song
Open and Close
Right and Left
Huh, Yes, Cool
Hi It’s Me
Rounded ABCD
Double This
Banana Dance

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